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Tupperware Kitchen Solutions

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Wilderness Set by Tupperware – Adds a special and minimal ethnic look to your kitchen and personality

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Wilderness Set by Tupperware

Minimal, ethnic and a wilderness theme best describe this September 2009 kitchen and house-hold product from Tupperware. Use it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Wilderness Set by Tupperware -kitchensanddesignsbytupperware - ID 20903 - September2009


  • Liquid Bowl
  • Food Bowl (Can be heated in the Microwave with food)
  • Wilderness Carry Bag

Price: INR 470/- (Stand Alone Discounted Price)


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I intend to help you choose and select from amongst a range of interesting and valuable Tupperware products through this website as well as through communication over email and telephone.

Tupperware is one of world’s leading direct selling companies with the largest women network, marketing premium food storage, preparation and serving items. Tupperware started its operations in India in 1996 and is a household name today. This success can be attributed to the high-quality products with lifetime warranty and the rewarding business opportunities provided by the Company.

Maryam Hatim

Tupperware aims at enriching the lifestyles of its consumers. The entire Tupperware range of products provides a one-stop solution for all food storage, food preparation, microwave, lunch ā€˜nā€™ outdoors, refrigerator and serving requirements as well as a special range for Kids. Tupperware products are made from 100% food grade virgin plastic, they are stylish and elegant, light-weight, non-toxic, and odour-less and come in beautiful soothing colours which can compliment and brighten up every Indian home and kitchen. The USP of Tupperware product lies its their special airtight and liquid tight seals, which lock in freshness and flavor.


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